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wodstore recommends: 6 podcasts that support the sport!

wodstore empfiehlt: 6 Podcasts, die den Sport supporten!

Hannes Beyer |

With our wodmagazin, we at wodstore aim to bring added value to the community wherever we see it. We don't care whether it's via blog posts like this one, our recently launched wodmagazin podcast or postings on social media. We want interaction, we want to network, we want to build a wodstore family that we can all rely on. However, since we don't just want to draw the spotlight on ourselves, but also support functional fitness and weight training projects wherever possible, we hereby recommend 6 podcasts that you can listen to as long as you wait for a new episode of our wodmagazine wait

Federal Ministry of Biceps: From Frenchcore into the hearts of the listeners

Federal Ministry of Biceps

Julie Klenkler is probably known to most of us from her Instagram account, which started as a federal biceps minister. But the little woman who moves loads that we only dream of can also deliver draft. In regular episodes she talks to and with herself, often also with strong women as guests about everything that is important. From an analysis of “who we are” with her mother to self-doubt and conversational portraits of athletes. If you're looking for a podcast that will take you from tears of joy to tears of brooding in no time at all, highlighting weightlifting, powerlifting and everything active in between, wrapping big issues in small words and charmingly addressing what needs to be, then say The Wodstore : Welcome to Julie Klenkler's Federal Biceps Ministry.

Nice on the style of sports: From the capital coach to the masses

Nice on the style wodmagazin

Anyone who thinks that GQ is just a magazine that advertises suits and perfumes in addition to one or the other interview series is mistaken. In his newly founded podcast format, Erik Jäger, aka the coach of the capital, welcomed Felix Lobrecht as a pilot episode, who as a muscle man with sunny boy attitude and backyard knowledge has been cleaning up in German comedy for several years. Jäger elicits insights into training planning, the emotional factor involved in sport and personal anecdotes from his guests. Fun fact: Felix's personal trainer is Nico Peschke, who you may know as one of the owners of Spree Crossfit in Berlin.

#the hottest hour of the day: Not an hour, but awesome!

The hottest hour of the day podcast wodmagazin

Straight outta Aschaffenburg comes a podcast that has it all. Simple interviews are not your pace? Should the time you spend listening be worth it twice or three times over? Bingo!
Here you get knowledge, fun and community in one. All essential things outside and inside a box are discussed here: Why isn't RX the right scale for my workout yet? How do I gain more mobility? What does the home gym look like, what I want, need and can afford? As if these questions weren't enough input for hours of shop-talk, guests who deserve to be heard (from Anna Donauer to Karar Magrander) also have their say during the hottest hour of the day. Do you want to develop yourself personally and still be able to laugh? With the podcast, which is based on Crossfit Aschaffenburg, we think you've come to the right place.

Training without limits: on the pulse of the athletes

Training without limits podcast wodmagazin

It's often the things we don't want to hear that we need. Silvan Schlegel and Hendrik Senf are two men who know what they are doing. Silvan is a physiotherapist, Hendrik a thoroughbred athlete. In combination, the two deliver a mixture of fireworks and exchange of blows. Yes Hendrik, yes Silvan. Maybe after the third can of fos by noon our limit will be reached. Perhaps sleep is even more essential than pushing us to the point of impotence in every workout. But do you have to explain to us so honestly where our mistakes lie? We know it ourselves. We just don't want to admit it... The duo of two Berliners doesn't mince words. Nor do they have to. Because no one can ignore facts, you can't meander past truths and you can't avoid injuries. Schlegel and Senf may not deliver what we want to hear. Nevertheless, they are required reading for the ears.

Podcast of Doom: Two jokes that came to stay

Hipster Of Doom Podcast Alex Shagel Butt wodmagazin

The man, the myth, the butt. Shagel is one who has been woven into the Wodstore since the beginning. He was recently a guest in Wodmagazin himself. But besides him there is someone else who is worth mentioning. Together with the muscled Rapunzel from Horneburg, Alexander Michaelsen, Shagel regularly delivers YouTube content via the Hipsters of Doom and since lockdown times also a podcast. The variety of topics here ranges from far to far into nowhere, from cock club to biceps tendon. The two North Germans involuntarily managed to chatter into our hearts without being intrusive. At a certain point they were just there. Since then, the guest list in the podcast has been growing, with Max Lang and Damien Zaid already taking part. We at Wodmagazin would hardly have anyone more than competition than the two hipsters! If you are looking for evening entertainment with unexpected deep talk episodes, you are at home in the Podcast of Doom.

Honorable Mention: The best 30 minutes of your day:

The Best 30 Minutes of Your Life Podcast Optimum Nutrition wodmagazin

Optimum Performance is one of the companies known for performance enhancement and performance enhancement. So it's no wonder that their podcast also provides everything you need to know about the interviewees in a condensed form. The one-takers are full of interesting anecdotes and emotional moments, important impulses and influential sentences. If you're wondering how you can learn more about yourself and your environment, about your sport and your self-esteem within a few minutes, then the podcast #diebesten30Minutendeinstags is what you've been missing in life. Unembellished, unabridged, not beating around the bush. Straight to the point. There is no bullshit on the ears here, just balm for the soul!

Let's expand the list! Which podcasts from the fitness community did you enjoy? Write us a comment!

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