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wodmagazin x Bastian Ladwig: Between the Battle the Beach and the fight for survival!

wodmagazin x Bastian Ladwig: Zwischen dem Battle the Beach und dem Kampf ums überleben!

Hannes Beyer |

There are people who have to be announced. It is precisely these people who need an introduction, some kind of explanation and an extensive analysis. But there are also a few people in Crossfitter Germany who have missed an iron halo. One of these iron saints is Bastian Ladwig, owner of Crossfit Storm Surge and creator of Battle the Beach. Watching him on Instagram makes you wonder one thing: how the hell does he do it? How does he pack so much? Is the man sleeping? We at Wodstore and Wodmagazin are all the more proud to bring you a little closer to everyday life and the hardships of Ladwig. Even if the broadly built coastal person is not otherwise known for profundity, but rather for chatter, you quickly realize one thing: Basti Ladwig has heart and head. Both work together, they just can't be separated from each other. We talk about his variety of babies and the thousands of irons he keeps burning.

Here's the video

Click here for the podcast on Spotify (The podcast is available on all known platforms)

Ladwig, honorary mechanical engineer:

Basti is a professional firefighter: fires, storms, disasters. As you can imagine, the entire ministry is designed to exhaust yourself to, at worst, uphold another life. The stress and the amount of strength required there are enormous. And which sport makes more sense to prepare for such top performances than "The Sport of Fitness"? Through high-quality coaching at Crossfit HH, Basti was fixed around 2010-2012, the Iron Bug hit like so many of us in full. From these thoughts, the desire arose to offer a hall in which CrossFit becomes part of life. Crossfit Storm Surge was born, Ladwig's spirit of action was ignited for the first time. This resulted in an everyday life that hardly leaves anything idle between the box and the night shift. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. Or as Ladwig would say: Tuesday!

wodmagazin x Bastian Ladwig Between the Battle the Beach and the fight for survival

The beach gets a competition:

The Battle of Rostock existed from 2014 to 2017. Everything here was geared towards learning by doing according to the principles of the ladwig movement. Everyone at the Rostock beach who has registered via Facebook, everyone brings something with them. So Battle of Rostock was a kind of flat share party for iron athletes. But it's like in a long-term marriage: If you want to move on, you have to change. Eleiko joined the marriage surrounding the battle in 2017-18. And it was precisely this partnership that ensured that the battle had the kind of great future that we were able to marvel at again recently (despite Corona, despite chaos)
The battle has been standing for years. Although Basti and his accomplices sometimes had to work really hard to make sure that the arena and the competition itself could still stand. What exactly was complicated for athletes and organizers in the end, you only hear in the podcast! Everything can't be revealed...

wodmagazin x Bastian Ladwig Between the Battle the Beach and the fight for survival

2020-no battle, what else?

Basti is a family man. And workhorse. And fireman. And box owners. So Corona, as was the case with everyone, stopped him entrepreneurially. But this forced stop has created space. Space created for your own home gym and for more building fabric. It was laid out like a storm tide, soldered together and fiddled with what the material yielded. The end of the song was a lot of time for optimization that you don't get to otherwise. Here came the exciting point of the podcast. Basti describes this kind of twist: developing personality and initiating things wherever possible. But just don't hang on to the big bell. Make it easy!

wodmagazin x Bastian Ladwig Between the Battle the Beach and the fight for survival

The Storm Surge:

Basti and Robert started as two partners. But the storm surge also went on storm drive. Basti never intended to actively work full-time there. This resulted in problems with the coaching team, organizationally, personally. Some people left, others began to skew the house blessing. So the house in Rostock was literally on fire.

Constantly varied:

Ultimately, Sarah is now in the box. As a practical person and competent athlete, she brings the added value that the storm surge has long lacked, also internally. The coaches have changed, the atmosphere has improved, there is room to breathe again. The tide has free rein again and is about to occupy even more of the Rostock beach in the next few years than has already happened in the past.

We shorten for you:

To summarize the podcast, private problems, economic downturns and sporting successes have seamlessly formed one into the other in recent years. Basti is a fighter whose biggest enemy is not only the schedule (always busy, never at home). Follow us with Wodmagazin and Basti Ladwig on a journey that illuminates a whole life in just a few minutes. Max and Basti harmonize. That means for you: 40 minutes of concentrated input. But we can promise you: 40 minutes here feels like a 20-minute Amrap. Hardly started, you're already through again and have to start again. But it doesn't matter whether you're a recreational athlete or a competition colleague: With this episode of Wodmagazin, Ladwig will light up your butt!



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